about michiellaneous

Hi, I am Michelle Chiu.

I am an Australian-Chinese marketer, business owner, photographer, designer, radio host, wife and dog-owner.

As someone with “many hats”, I have a regular cycle of anxiety attacks, identity crises, insomnia, self doubt and general questioning of the purpose of life. In between all the entrepreneurship, love and other good stuff in life, of course.

Through this blog, I aim to convey my truest self to accurately identify and possibly resolve my day-to-day issues and obstacles, and in turn help others who may also be on similar journeys.

What you may find interesting is that I have unlocked entries all the way back to May 2007, an accumulation of four different blogging platforms I’ve used throughout the years, to record the journey I’ve been on. There have been some hiatuses throughout the years, so please do pay attention to the date each entry was written if it sounds very different.

This will be as much about the “social media life” – the positive one that most people choose to portray – as it is about the dark side that nobody feels comfortable sharing. I’m an open book.

We are all human, and whatever you are going through today, chances are someone else has been through it, too. It helps to know someone else ‘gets it’, and I sincerely hope to help you find your way to an answer.

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