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Scroll Tap Tap Swipe Scroll Tap Tap No Swipe Oh look, there’s that thing I forgot I thought about Let’s go off on a tangent Scroll Tap Tap Swipe Scroll Darkness Brightness Scroll Swipe Right now, Write now. When insomnia is a choice, and discipline is not strong enough to contain the addiction that is […]


“I’m a freelance independent entrepreneurial leader in social media marketing and research relations” I need this job title. Or call myself “Serial Entrepreneur” #EntrepreneurLife It’s okay for me to make fun of these because I’m one of them. Video Credit: Nigahiga (YT)

“Still feeling positive”

My first ‘week day’ as a free soul / entrepreneur / self-employed person. It commenced with a meeting with a potential partner in business. The chat was quick and encouraging, everything was quite top line at this stage as, really, I didn’t have much prepared from a business setup perspective anyway. I also visited 3 […]


perhaps many would know that i’ve always wanted to marry early, at about 24, but i don’t think anyone actually knows why…   this goal began ten years ago, when a relative married his uni sweetheart, at the age of 24. i had always admired their relationship, and wanted something similar for myself; just then […]