“I’m a freelance independent entrepreneurial leader in social media marketing and research relations”

I need this job title.

Or call myself “Serial Entrepreneur”


It’s okay for me to make fun of these because I’m one of them.

Video Credit: Nigahiga (YT)


i suddenly remembered that back in primary school, we would want to know our friends in so much detail that we’d ask about favourite shapes. and i remember at some stage, my favourite shape was a circle. however, when i realised how loser-ish this was, i quickly changed to heart shape.

back in those days, when favourite shapes were things that actually crossed our minds and bothered us.

back when life was simple. somewhat.

Random thought about: Toothbrushes

I’m sure we’ve all come across those cutesy pictures, photos, and whatever else, which take a shot of two toothbrushes in the same glass in the bathroom, to symbolise two spouses or partners living together and hence creating an image of happiness and 幸福

like so

but if you think about it….real close couples share their toothbrushes….
(might be unhygienic but seriously they do! when you’re all lovey dovey who gives a crap about hygiene…)

this whole idea of two toothbrushes representing happiness is yet another misconception about love


JP Morgan Fail

So I opened my zmail, welcomed with this email:

Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on securing your place in the top 10 of the 2010 J.P. Morgan Portfolio Competition!


Once again, congratulations! We look forward to meeting you and seeing you enjoy your cash prizes!

Kind regards,

The TradingPlaces Team

I was, well, HUH?-ed and overwhelmed. Until I received this…

Hi Michelle,

We would like to apologise for a problem with our server which caused an email concerning the Awards Ceremony that was meant for the top 10 users to be sent to all users that had traded. Unfortunately, as much as we would like to, we cannot facilitate all of you at the Awards Ceremony!

For clarification, the email was meant to be addressed to the following users:

Again, we sincerely apologise for this mishap and would like to thank you one last time for your participation this year.

See you in 2011!


The TradingPlaces Team

google fail

original screenshot, no photoshop involved


…googles anyone?


maths is so cruel part II

what i posted last time:


what i’m posting this time:


maths is so cruel