It’s a public holiday for me too alright?

It’s a public holiday in Hong Kong today.

Here is the issue: just because I work for myself now does not mean I do not deserve public holidays and weekends like everyone else.

Ever since I made it known that I had resigned from my most recent job, I’ve been bombarded with conversations that go a little something like this:

X: “So, what’s next! Have you found a job yet?”
Me: “No, actually I’ll be working on my own business!”
X: “Oh right, but you’ll still be looking for a job right?”
Me: “No… I’ll be doing this full time”
X: “Ah okay. That’s cool. Permanent holidays!”

No. Wrong. This is NOT a holiday. This was a conscious choice based on my confidence in my own abilities to discipline myself enough to work hard without the need to report to someone else, earn money by doing things I love doing that are able to add value to other businesses / people’s lives, and contribute to a greater cause of my own choosing. So quit with the “how’s unemployment” and “it’s public holiday everyday for you any way, I on the other hand have to go to work in the morning”. I. NEVER. STOPPED. WORKING.

To put things into perspective, it’s literally been a weekend + 2 days since I ended my full time job and:

  • I just finished writing detailed company introduction & product functionality breakdown for a start-up in English after reading their business plan written completely in Chinese
  • I have a 12 month marketing budget to draft by this Friday
  • I have a rebranding project to be ready for first round of reviews by next week
  • I have a new eDM I was meant to build by last week
  • I have a website that I started building many moons ago as a side project that I’m desperately trying to finalise – it seems every time the client gives comments there’s a new change to be made
  • I have to finish building the website for my business
  • I have to register the domain & web hosting for this blog and build the website for it
  • I am redecorating my home to create a work area that is not my bed nor the living room
  • I am consolidating all my contacts from the last 9 years and filtering out potential leads / strategic partners

And on top of all these are general business admin & setup, house chores & personal things like taking care of my teething puppy who is still eating his own shit.

So what are YOU up to at work this week?

Today’s Wins:

  • Took a break, like everybody else.

Today’s Fails:

  • Friends with changed / cancelled plans threw me off my game a little, and I ended up lazing around at home feeling emo rather than taking the opportunity to go out and do things I enjoy.
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