michiellaneous dreality


what if dreams become so real that you wake up beliving that it’s true?

and what if whatever you dreamt of is so good, that even upon realising that it was only a dream, you still choose to believe that it’s true?

you know you experienced it all, and felt every little bit of it…just that it was in a dream and not in reality.
is that considered lying to yourself?


i turned 21 this year.

so far, i would mark 2010 as the worst year of my life.

everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong.

comparing the me now to the me one year ago, i can’t say i’ve moved very far. in fact, i may have even moved backwards.

ah well. can only hope that 2011 will be better =]

and i hope everything that is currently good in my life, every person that cares for me and makes me happy, will stay in my life.

because i need you, and you know who you are =]

happy new year everyone!



把你放下去的時候, 還在期待你會突然醒來, 在我手心裡掙扎
可是你沒有, 你一點也沒有動, 還黏在我的手上

就在這時候, 想起王菲的 “紅豆”

有時候 有時候
相聚離開 都有時候
可是我 有時候
也許你會陪我 看細水長流



雨後的空氣, 就像現在的心情

雖然是新的開始, 但是過去的包袱還是背著

現在的我只許向前, 不能退後



明明做錯了, 都會想盡辦法去令自己覺得沒有錯, 讓自己好過

有時候做對了, 也會想出一萬個能出錯的地方, 因為我們總是小心翼翼的, 凡事也要做最壞的打算

明明是愛的, 也不敢承認, 只因為害怕被傷害

反而不愛的, 就偏偏要留在身邊, 因為害怕寂寞

做人做得這麼矛盾, 不覺得很辛苦嗎?

excitement =/= happiness.



the objective of living is not to live out some sort of great purpose that will somehow give you power and authority, but to meet different people and face each of them as a different person, playing out different roles.

at some stage you may be someone’s son, daughter, grandchild…, but in later stages you will also be the parent, the grandparent, the greatgrandparent…

you may also be someone’s lover, or the “bitchy girlfriend who won’t let her boyfriend talk to a particular girl”, or “the over protective boyfriend who won’t let his girlfriend go out with other guys”.

then at other stages, you may very well be the “third person” in other people’s relationships, or the chick friend who causes jealousy amongst guy friends’ girlfriends, or the guy friend who causes arguments amongst chick friends and their boyfriends.

the truth is, as strong as you may stand in your own viewpoint at this very moment and as much as you may hate a certain individual, chances are, some day you will land in their shoe and play the very same role you previously hated. but of course as selfish humans, we will be too blind to see this link, and will keep standing strong on our views and returning hate towards that role we once played.

humans are born hypocrites.

every time we ask a question, deep down we already know the answer

i don’t remember where or when i heard this saying, but i have always found some truth in it. for as long as i can remember, i would always think back to this quote whenever i have to ask something of relative significance, then closely listen to my own thoughts to see if i really know the answer to the question i want to ask. and in most cases i realise that i do. but i go ahead and ask the question anyway. i suppose it has to do with a lack of self confidence, and i’m constantly needing reassurance to back up what i think, so that i don’t make the wrong assumptions and wrong decisions. because whatever it is i’m asking about, it must be goddamn important, and negative consequences may lead to losing or sacrificing something.