“Still feeling positive”

My first ‘week day’ as a free soul / entrepreneur / self-employed person.

It commenced with a meeting with a potential partner in business. The chat was quick and encouraging, everything was quite top line at this stage as, really, I didn’t have much prepared from a business setup perspective anyway.

I also visited 3 different co-working spaces. It’s nice to be the one going out to meet people and see where they work for a change!

Goal: be able to afford a designated desk at WeWork by end of this year. In the meantime, my 125x75cm IKEA table will have to do.

These meetings took me to a side of town that I haven’t really visited for 20 years. I took this opportunity to explore on foot and try out coffee places I haven’t tried before. After all, I have the time now, right?

One thing I really need to do more is walk. Today I walked for 3 hours across Hong Kong island, and it’s amazing how inspirational a change of scenery can be. My walk sparked quite a few ideas, including this blog.

I want to create this blog to give everyone considering to take this huge leap of faith, to giving up stable full time jobs to bet on themselves, the low down of how it all happens. I know it won’t always be pretty and inspirational, I want to record everything down to the dirty details of how wrong things go, because becoming an independent business founder or freelancer should never be a spur of the moment decision or ‘the cool new thing to do’. It requires substantial preparation, commitment and self discipline – and even then at times you’ll still feel like you’re grossly under prepared, not committing enough and just can’t seem to stick to the rules and schedules you’ve set for yourself. Let me show you all the different sides to this life-changing move so you can make the right decision for you. And even if you decide to stay on the full time work path, that’s okay too! Hopefully there are things I learn along the way that will help you :)

What to expect? Down to earth and real log of my happenings and thought processes. No formal shit here, just me, sharing this journey with you.

Ready? Let’s go!

Today’s Wins:

  • Exercised for the first time in 3.5 months.
  • Began conversations with contacts from last role to explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Visited co-working spaces – an eye-opening experience seeing just how many people work independently and just their ability to focus without being in a typical office cubicle environment #goals

Today’s Fails:

  • Spent too much time being out and not enough sorting my shit out at home. Somehow you’d always think that as soon as you have time you’d immediately go into productive mode and be super motivated to do everything you said you’d do: wrong! My apartment’s a mess, my already tiny table barely has space for my Macbook Air, and my dog is eating his own shit beside my foot. Great start to your new journey Michelle!
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