why won’t these feelings leave me alone
why won’t i leave these feelings alone

i have every bit of negativity to ever exist bottled up inside me. they leak out every night, without fail, and tonight the leakage is more than usual. i’m not coping.

i can feel every emotion, all at the same time, and i can barely describe how i feel in words anymore.

i want to cry. i want to laugh. i want to hit something. i want to run. i want to drive so insanely fast that all i see are lines of light.

i feel cold and hot at the same time.
my heart is so heavy its sinking lower every second.
and i feel hurt.
i don’t even know what kind of hurt, or why i feel hurt, but i just do.

i don’t want to be awake
i don’t want to be like this.

i wish i knew what to do
someone save me

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