wild imagination

i have a wild imagination


1. every night to make myself go to sleep, i imagine my dreams until i start dreaming – which end up being different to my imagination anyway

2. when i’m stuck in the toilet with nothing to do (no mobile, shock horror!), i think of blog entries to write – which i don’t end up posting most of the time anyway

3. was looking out towards parramatta direction (apparently it was parramatta…) one night, and could have sworn i saw one of the buildings on fire – still unconfirmed

4. i see things move out of the corner of my eye – by things i mean objects that are not meant to move

5. i hear things…that are apparently non existent

6. i also daydream about dreaming

7. i say things that are really far off topic…and no one gets it…and i don’t even remember how i got there in the first place

8. i have conversations inside my head…with myself…sometimes with other people too!

9. i reenact scenes from movies or past experiences in my head…usually for no reason

10. i overanalyse everything

procrastination session is over, back to mark2053

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